United Caribbean Lines

United Caribbean Lines was one of the first to apply for the licenses necessary to operate passenger ferries to Cuba from the USA. Bruce Nierenberg founded United Caribbean Lines in 2009 after a career of over three decades in the Cruise and Ferry industry. He hopes to bring his plethora of experience to the fray in order to effectively attack the three potential ferry segments that a US –Cuba ferry would present – shipping, tourism, and a special attention to the diaspora of Cubans in South Florida.

In addition to connecting the US with Cuba, UCL have also stated their intention to add destinations in Mexico to their offering in the future, including Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Proposed service

United Caribbean Lines aim to connect the major ports of Florida, such as Miami, Tampa Bay and Port Everglades with the port of Havana in Cuba.

United Caribbean Lines are proposing to offer a luxury overnight ferry service with savings of up to fifty percent on travel costs when compared to air travel.

Sailing schedule is likely to include late afternoon departures from Florida sailing overnight to Havana and returning again in the evening. The large, modern ferries earmarked for the service can hold around two thousand passengers accommodated across five hundred cabins. On board amenities are set to include a Casino, buffet and a la carte dining and recreation facilities to suit all ages.