Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries, along with their parent Attica Group are synonymous with Greek shipping operating ferry crossings in both domestic and international waters.

Years of financial and operational success have provided Superfast Ferries with a great platform to apply its extensive maritime experience and unique knowledge in passenger transportation to the rapidly developing situation of the U.S Cuban ferry market.

Attica Group’s current fleet comprises of thirteen modern, well-appointed and technologically advanced ships, a number of which are ideally suited to ply the route between Florida and Cuba.

Proposed service

Superfast Ferries propose crossing between the U.S and Cuba with a daily non-stop service between Miami in Florida and the Port of Havana in Cuba covering the distance of roughly two hundred and thirty miles in under ten hours.

Two of Superfast Ferries vessels have already been identified as being ideal for this sector, each rich with amenities as you expect from an Attica group company. The ships are fully equipped with restaurants, tax free shops, a pool, bars, playroom and other family oriented activities and are capable of carrying up to 1,700 passengers, with 700 cabin berths and 2,000 lane meters garage or 570 cars.